new york marathon, 11.6.05


Driving into town Friday night.


Number pick-up at the Javitz Center, Saturday.




Boarding the busses on 42nd St., Sunday, 5:30am.


Bus drop-off at Verranzano, 6am.


Directions.  Bridge in background.


Sunrise, 55 degrees, foggy bridge.  Port-a-let heaven!


Dropping off the bag at the UPS truck, 9:30am (I didn't freshen up before I left).


My side of the bridge was a little less crowded, thankfully.  But still foggy. (NYT photo)


Verrazano Narrows overhead (file photo)


Mile 7, Brooklyn, 11:30am.  (Dad photo)














Rosemary's corner, 10am.














My fan club!





Mile 15, Queens.


Mile 23.  (Robin photo)


Last walk-break at mile 25.





Clock cut-off: 4:28:02 (net 4:22:03)


Wrapped in mylar, Central Park (NYT photo).